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[Mmo] Make Money Online with Infolinks

[Mmo] Make Money Online with Infolinks
I like to welcome Infolinks as the official in-text ad provider for John Chow dot Com. Infolinks serves those double underline links you see on the blog. When a reader mouse over the link, a relavent ad displays. When the mouse is moved away, the ad disappear.

The nice thing about Infolinks is that it allows you to make money without taking up or replacing any current ad space. It’s like getting FREE MONEY! I was an early adapter to in-text advertising because I didn’t want to solely rely on AdSense. Google allows in-text ads to run along side AdSense ads. For publishers, blogs and webmasters that are looking to diversify their ad partners, in-text advertising is far and away the best accompaniment to Google AdSense.

The Highest Revenue Share In The Industry

What makes Infolinks stand out is they offer the highest revenue share in the industry. Other in-text ad providers give only 40% to 50% revenue share. Infolinks gives their publishers 70% and they give that even if you are a smaller blog. With Infolinks, you can get the same revenue share as a site getting over 10 million page views a month, which is what other in-text ad providers want in order to give that high a rev-share.

Access To Big Advertisers for The Little Guy

In addition to the 70% payout, publishers signing up through will automatically be allowed to take advantage of all of the premium ads that other in-text companies normally reserve for more brand focused sites. Infolinks is the only in-text company to utilize a 3rd party to verify the quality of their publisher’s traffic and take the manual guess work out of it. For young publishers who are still trying to build their brand, not being giving the same chance at higher paying advertisers can be frustrating.

Infolinks judges all publishers as the same and let’s technology determine who gets access to the higher paying advertisers and who does not. As a publisher, if you are doing everything right, no matter how big or small, you will get the same quality of advertiser as the largest publishers. Finally the little guys have a chance to compete with the big guys for ad quality and gain access to the highest paying advertisers. With Infolinks, not only do you get the highest payout, you get access to the higher paying ads as well. Other benefits include:
The most advanced in-text algorithm on the market. In-text is only successful when readers want to click on the ads. Infolinks has proven in head to head match-ups with other in-text companies, that given the same amount of inventory over the same period of time, Infolinks generates more clicks.
Infolinks has become the unquestioned leader in monetizing international traffic with the highest paying advertisers for traffic generated outside the US. No matter if your website is in English, Spanish, French or German or if readers are coming from places outside the US- Infolinks can monetize it.

Easy Setup – There’s a Plugin for That

Getting Infolinks up and running takes only a minute. All you have to do is go sign up and then install a small piece of code onto your blog. If you’re running WordPress (or Blogger, Joomla or Drupal), Infolinks has a plugin that will do all the setup for you. You could literally be MAKING MONEY within a few minutes of signing up!

Completely Free To Join

Infolinks is completely free to join and there are no long term contracts to sign. Try Infolinks on your blog and if it doesn’t make more than your current in-text solution, then just switch back. However, I’m sure you’ll find that higher payout equals higher revenue for you. And by signing up via my partnership with Infolinks, you’ll gain access all those high paying premium ads that are normally reserved for big publishers. Just put “From John Chow dot Com” in the comments of the Infolinks application and they’ll take care of you.

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Monetize your app with StartApp

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[MMO] Make Money Online PTP- CPM With CPX24

Make Money Online PTP- CPM With CPX24

CPX24 Ad Network is an advertising network that give you, the owner of the the weblog opportunity to make money from the traffic page weblog, And also a PTP site allows us to make money automatically.It's easy because you just need to put Links for promotion banner or popunder to your weblog, you make money if you do not have a website, you can use the PTP link to make money in the forum and the pages autosuf.Pay with CPX24 Ad Network like?The minimum payment is: $ 0.5 paid via Paypal, Liberty Reserve, Moneybookers, Webmoney and ePassporte to Friday each week, if you reach the payment limit.Earn extra money from CPX24 Ad Network in any way?You can earn even more by referring other people to join by link refere.You earn 5% of your income is introduced.Click here to register as registered by me to be the most dedicated guide to making money online with CPX24 ^ ^: Click here to register CPM Program

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Tier1 CPM = 2$
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Only 0.50$ Minimum Payout by Paypal, Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, MoneyBookers or AlertPay
Payments are processed every weekend
5% Referral Commission


[MMO] Make Money Online with Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a PPC (pay per click) program, which also offers an affiliate program. So you have more possibilities to earn money with Bidvertiser. You can also advertise on Bidvertiser, and there is also a PPC program for eBay sellers. But we will discuss in this article how to make money online, not how to spend money online.
Bidvertiser for web publishers

In order to join to Bidvertiser as a publisher, you must read the guidelines to see if your blog will be accepted. They don’t say anything about the blog’s language, but since I saw Romanian ads, it seems that they accept blogs in any languages.

After you join Bidvertiser (it takes up to 48 hours for your blog to be approved) and configure your ads, you must insert some html lines to your blog, where you want your ads to be displayed. The ads will appear instantly.

Advertisers will bid against each other for your ad space and through Bidvertiser ad serving system will always display the highest bidders, those that will generate the maximum revenue for your advertising space.

Once you have joined Bidvertiser, you can display ads on whatever domain you want (I’ve just realized that my second domain, I mean EzMoneyOn.Net, didn’t go through the approval process, though they said they review manually all the submitted domains).

Bidvertiser has a wide range of ads, full customizable. You can change colors and fonts. My advice is to change the colors and fonts to suits your blog, to look like being a part of it. You can see how we customize our Bidvertiser ads. Did you like them?

Bidvertiser provide full statistics for every ad on your blog. You could add a name for each ad, to see what ad works better. For each ad, you have a list of advertisers, with the maximum bid for each of them. This doesn’t mean that for a click on a specific ad, you will get the maximum bid. Maximum bid is the higher amount of money an advertiser would pay for the ads to be displayed. Some of the ads are geo-targeted. This means that ad will be displayed only to visitors from the listed countries.

You can have control over the ads that appears on your blog. By default, all the ads are approved. But you can also decline an ad if you don’t like it (for example if it is a competitors’ ad).

You can also display Bidvertiser ads within your feeds, using a plugin for WordPress developed by them and available for download within your Publisher account. This plugin is only available for BidVertiser’s Publishers and it includes unique identification info for each publisher. After you apply for your feed ads you will be given a verification code which you need to publish in a blog post for Bidvertiser to verify that you are the owner of that feed. After verification (which takes about 1 minute) you can delete that post.

If you are using FeedBurner and would still like to keep your subscribers count, have access to all of its features, statistics and use your current FeedBurner address you have to follow some simple steps in order to embed Bidvertiser ads in your

FeedBurner feed.
Affiliate program

All you have to do is to place a button, banner or text link on your blog and you will start earn money when a user click on them and signs as an advertiser or a publisher.

When a user signs as an advertiser and first spends $10, Bidvertiser will credit your account with $5. When that same advertiser spends $50, you will be credited with an additional $20.

When a user signs as a publisher and first earns $10, Bidvertiser will credit your account with $10. When that same publisher earns $50, you will be credited with an additional $40.

Your earnings will be tracked in your Referral control panel along with clicks, sign-ups and conversions.

Bidvertiser make monthly payments, either by check or instantly through PayPal with a minimum of only $10.

Instead of conclusions

We have just started using Bidvertiser on our blog, so we cannot provide you any statistics. Some people said that Bidvertiser works great for them, some people said that it is a waste of time. We will run Bidvertiser ads for 1-2 months and we will see how Bidvertiser works for a make money online blog.

[Chitika] Earn Online Money with Chitika PPC/Referrals Programs

How can you get Money from Chitika Referral Programs.

My today's article is about earning money online with Chitika. Chitika is PPC (Paid Per Click) Ad networking system which isalternative of Google AdSense. There are a few things which we will need to earn money with Chitika.

Learn How To Earn Online Money from Chitika PPC

First one is a good blog or website because Chitika gives us ad code which we have to add in our blog or site as I have added ad code below post titles in some of my blogs. Then after adding that code, The ads will start appearing and when any user/reader/visitor will click on that ad, you will get paid. As more clicks you will get from your visitors and more revenue you will earn from Chitika. But you can not click on your ad because it's against the rules of Chitika. All the clicks will be verified from the Chitika engineers.

Second one is traffic because if you have less traffic then you will earn little revenue. You can also boost your earnings by making referrals.

How Can I Make Referrals ?

This process is not too difficult friends because this is very easy. You just have to take referral links from referral program page and share it with friends and when they will join Chitika from your referral link, You will get 10% Commission. You can also add banner in your website in order to invite your visitors to join the Chitika. The 10% Commission is not taken from your referrals earnings, It's a reward from Chititka.

How Can I Receive The Payment ?

There are two payment methods in Chitika. First one is PayPal, You can receive your revenue at the end of the every month. You may connect your Paypal account with Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank account in order to get the cash in you hand. Your minimum payment for the Paypal account will be only $10. The second one is Check. Chitika will send a Check to your address at the end of the every month and the minimum payment for the check is $50.


Payment Method : PayPal and Check
Minimum Payment For Paypal : $10
Minimum Payment For Check : $50
Referral Program : Available !
Referral Commission : 10% Commission
Payment Time : At The End Of Every Month

So Friends, What are waiting For ? Join Chitika By Clicking This Link. Earn Money by Chitika Refferal Program

[MMO] How to make money blogging [Blogger]

How to make money blogging ?

Are a large number of ways in which one can make money online. Online and no online data entry jobs, freelancing, medical transcription and blogging etc are some of the important types of internet jobs by which one can make money.
Among them, blogging is one of the most important ways of making money online. Now let us see some important ways in which one can make money online. Making money blogging is really a very simple thing, but you should have some sort of technical knowledge and creativity.

Understand what a blog is:
- Plan well before starting the blog
- Decide the group of people that you are going to target
- Choosing the correct blog software and domain name is also very important

1 - Understand what a blog is:
This is the first thing that you should know before starting a blog. Many people start blogging, they think that they know what a blog is, but they forget the fact that blog isn’t such a simple thing. Blog is like a website, in which you can post contents about your favorite subject.
There are a large number of subjects about which different people are blogging, but not all of them are useful as money makers. Usually the blogs which earn a lot of money are the blogs which discuss the gossips related to celebrities. But if you aren’t an expert in those topics, don’t go for such matters. Knowing the matter about which you are blogging is also important for making money blogging.

2 - Plan well before starting the blog:
Before starting the blog, think deeply about the subject on which you are going to blog. If you are an expert in science and technology related matters, it is better to start your blog in that subject only. This is a vast subject who has a wide range of readers, from students to professors, from scientists to technicians and many other groups of people.
All these different classes of people are the biggest sources of traffic to your blog. You will definitely earn a lot from such blogs and that helps you in making money blogging.

3 - Decide the group of people that you are going to target:
This is yet another important thing that you should always decide before starting the blog. You have to write your contents according to the kind of people whom you are going to target. If you are targeting businessmen and technicians, you have to start a blog on science, technology and economics. If you are targeting younger generation, you have to start your blog on fitness, beauty and sports related issues. Younger generation people are always attracted towards such things which give them entertainment rather than those things which are really useful to them. You have to write according to that for making money blogging.

>> Make money online with

4 - Choosing the correct blog software and domain name is also very important
This is what is needed in case of a true blogger. There are a large number of blog software available, but they aren’t all good software. Contact some of your friends or relatives who have been blogging for a long time and ask for their opinion. An experienced person can be of a lot of help to you for your making money blogging project.

5. Some providers charge exemption blog: 
- Google Blogspot  
- Yahoo Blog365
- Wordpress
- ...

6. Some service providers advertising to make money  
- Google Adsense
- Yahoo ads
- Bidvertiser
- Gloadmarket
- Linkbucks
- CPMLeader
- CPX24